Tiara Thomas
I don't even be clubbin
If you ever see me out...

[Bridge: Lyfe Harris]
You know I'ma keep it trill
All the drinks is on me
If I run into her, it's gon' be a stampede
And she talk to other guys
But she know what it's gon' be
And if her man want them problems
Then we mask up and go creep

[Verse 2: YE Ali]
They say angels got both wings
Body language we both speak
She ride that, and she don't speed
Gas tank be on E
So tell me why you trippin
All over some picture
What's the point in catchin' feelins if I'm not gon' catch em witcha?

[Hook: Tiara Thomas]
He said I know we in the club
And you came here with your friends
I know you hate being in love
And you prolly heard this over and over again
But baby when the beat goes in
I bet you turn into a freak
And you were feelin that Clicquot then
But now you're feelin on me
And I said I ain't tryin to be with you