Tiara Thomas
Bad [Cover]
It ain't bad that you never made love, no you never did
Come and show me how you f**k and be my bad girl
So prove it to me
Can't promise that you'll be good to me
I ain't mad that's just you
You won't commit
Not having it
But at least you can admit that you'll be bad
She said, "I'll be good in bed, but I'll be bad to you"
You never made love, you never did
Come show me how you f**k and be my..

[Verse 1: Bryson Tiller]
Bad girls ain't no good
Hol up, that's what I like
What she talking I need that in my life
It's your crib where I'm sliding tonight
Grabbing your thighs when you arrive
Girl sex is the motive
I'm ready to float and you wet as an ocean
No resting till morning
You get the pillow and you scream in it
I go deep in it I'm so into loving you
Time for the tongue girl
Hol up don't you run girl noo
Put this in your world noo
Let's get it till 9 in the morn girl
In it with a little ma**age if you want girl
You ain't hurting in them thighs anymore girl
You won't be my girl, that's cool just don't be shy girl
Heard what I said?
Damn no joke I'm a nerd with the head
Swerve them hoes you don't want a n***a
Well lord knows when I hit it we'll be gone till the morn


[Verse 2: MvP]
Is it bad that..
I wanted to f**k as soon I met you
And wanted you to want it too, baby let loose
You wanna f**k? That's cool Ima let you
Probably bad for a n***a but I'm bad too
Spending yesterday pick up girl I'm bad news
Bunch of nicknames, bunch of tattoos
Got a att**ude but you cold, so I'm achoo
Sick of these lames get this PHD
Got a boyfriend baby he ain't me Cannibalism n***a she ate me
Cannibism we on THC
Yeah, cause all we do is smoke and f**k
You can get on top Ima hold you up
When you want it rough Ima fold you up
She said oh my god so I hold my nut
Ima take my time
Now you never made love
I show her the grind
Have you ever made drugs?
Shorty hold me tight like she never gave hugs
She can't always take but she ain't never gave up
And when she liking Ima time and reserve
And put twice in
I'm popping little mama
I'm liking little mama
Might go under water and bite that piranha
Ha this so fun to me
Know she loving my company
Feel like I'm on top when she under me
Pull her closer though
Girl come to me
Ha you know it ain't nothing to me
Taste the cat when it run from me
And I ain't even go deep
F**k her for an hour but I leave her so weak