"Freak Show"

Tell me pretty little lies
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
Cameras flashing in my eyes
She wants to waste my time
I'm gonna break her f**king spine
Wanna dance until we die
Sing along like lalala
I'm gonna c*m all in her

[verse 1]
It was a starry night
You looked so horrified
Dance with a kitchen knife
Beautiful suicide
f**k life, i'm traumatized
I'll get lobotomized
Rock star pants really tight
Hang myself on ig-live
Look into the peep hole
Welcome to the freak show
I don't f**k with people
Skeleton in a tuxedo
Black cats 'n broken mirrors
Why the f**k are you so serious?
My deepest, darkest secret?
b*t*h, are you f**king serious?
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