Rebel Sixx

[Verse 1]
Say dem mark me IG
Dem cya get me out
Meh dag Ali still run di route
Ask every truck and every big stone
Say dem buss first well ah we buss loud
Baddest set ah man get da most fight
Yuh do good, ah evil dem ah try
Keep muh killer dem close even if dem try
Dem ah go lose fast like ah relegation side
A tactical war but me brain ah work fine
Me ah pray how long was just me God and I
Any other way ah

Come play fi the winning team
Pretty, hot gyal wah me livе in she
Unity ah the vibe, thank Jah mе alive
From ya heart clean come join the winning side
Black jeep rims spinning clean
Coulda bounce pon them head like dem ah listen Bunji
High grade ah f**k me up me nah know di time
Iphone 10, 4k quality eye

[Verse 2]
Dem cya stop da party
Pretty girls and is cameras outside
Chappa lifestyle, big thick blue coil
Duffle bag full ah cash and da girls outside
R.I.P to we real dawgs dem, fly high
Father guide me as me party tonight
And if me nah make it home
Me just wah join the winning side

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