Big 40 lyrics

Rebel Sixx

Voom Voom
Yeah everybody dead
Aye innocent yute
Nah do no crime, Nah kill nobody dag
Yuh only bad online
47 baby
Instagram clown

[Verse 1]
Did ah wait for di place open back fi buss ah head
Mother f**ker Covid gone, me already tell them
B.I.L, M.I.L Malandros fully 6ix never ten
Rapid burst, body flat like ah flower garden
St. Paul, we got the shoes footlocker
Bompton full ah metal like we sell copper
Chopper cya fly cause me got da wall cutter
Senseless murder, ah cold casе chiller dawg
Yuh see ya likkle place, nuh bothеr pass it
Man ah gun out ya head, yeh nuh bad smell ya armpit
Yeng Yeng pull up Voom heart have [?]
Wam to di house cat, thought dem father is
Run in ah war but yuh thing weak
Son Son, we nuh chat we let the thing speak
Young Star got da 40 with da big beam
Tie dem up and drop dem body bout 6 ft

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