March Out lyrics

Rebel Sixx

Hemton Music
Brrrah, Di 6ix dan 1 king
Din Din, J Man, yo Mobs
Yo Puppy, yo Finch
Arquero, Kick out dem face like Aquero
Slugga 6ix

[Verse 1]
Aye internet G, come ah Bompton Blacky swell ya head fat
My thugs dem nah deal with no stats
Watch man phone, some real lil cyats
No owna car me got di rental cash
Monsta run out and watch di red man scratch
People scream and watch the bread man crash
BI6 govern TriniBad, nothing but facts

BI6 march out, ya body get chalk out ah burial ground
Watch dem ah pree me case, buss di gate and buss dem face
Them d'even bad in them song, Rifle nation walk out
With nothing but tall guns, ah burial ground
Doh even got my eye pon dem but from ah war dem ah pitch
Pulltoe will buss ya head, bi6 outside

[Verse 2]
Ah diss ya now try carry my war to
Kashif run down the [?] ya drop in the classroom
Mt. Dor fully 6ix likkle pu**y nuh pass through
Ya like video shoot, ah camera man turn and blast you
[?] That ah boss role, ah di Glock make ya freeze
f**k di north pole, Watch it, clap it, knock it, rock it
So them full ah hole, wah them know bout murder
Slugga rise the evil toll, simple man
Me not rocking people gold, my money buy
Rifle with the peeping hole, one time ya talk facts
And say me have ah evil soul, attack yah home
Left the foundation alone, ah bus route maxi
And the killer unkown, no likkle vagrant can call di 6 broke
Finch run out with di AR, watch ya blood ah throw
Fats them cya take 6ix fi no joke

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