Lyrics Born
Deliberate Jibberish
Knowing what I know I can tell you that I don't know much
A little bit less than a lot but a little bit more than enough
Just a normal amount won't do
I need to pinch off salt not a punch
A pinch or a punch
A punch, a pinch was the diff do it up
Just to give a little something kick it up
Just a notch
Add some fine red wine in fact
Let me get a little bit before you give the whole bottle up in the mix
Who am I one time? (whoo I'm lit)
They think I'm tipsy, whistling, tripping, kissing
Is the whole bottle empty or bending
Deliberate jibberish
Deliberate jibberish of the alliterate
? a critical self impression of silliness
Whatever the limits of the ? relative of rebellious
Tell 'em the present is relegate the pressures of present intelligence in a sense
Everyone rides against the intents of the rest suggested to rest in the repress in the senses
Got to go further than left and right
Even if it might seem senseless
Deliberate Jibberish (x4)
Takin' and makin the shot
No seconds left on the clock
And not a mouse with the rock
Hickery Dickery Dock
Leaving the writers in shock
Puttin' the woman on top
Spot gettin' awfully hot
Words that'll thickin' the plot
Nothing at all that could stop
Nothing at all that could stop
Nobody knows what tomorrow's gonna bring
The sun on the swing
Or the moon on a string
A UFO full of benevolent beings
To transport us with the satellite wings
To a place where people are made of pure energy
And the rhythm of the speech is a lyric and a beat
Ain't got no teeth
Voices of Helium
And no condominiums
Racism ain't no more
Away from the idiots
A plate of Spaghetti-O's
Grapes of Tahitian treats
I always love me a Tahitian treat
A little shaved ice
And a little red beans
? nice with a little Jim Beam
A mountain of wine with a pretty young thing
Making her sing in the video stream
A little Bo Peep
I'm the unicorn king
With a heart on my sleeve
With a heart on my sleeve
Tell me what does that mean
Forget what you believe in do it now ?
Stream of consciousness into the sea of everything
And you could be what you are seeing just as real as DMT
Like the reality of clinging like a ? drinking tea
Realities released
Deliberate jibberish (x6)