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Sam Hunt

"Top 5 Professions that Require an Effective Word Counter"

There are number of folks in the world who are paid on the basis of how many words they deliver each day in their contents. Apart from every necessary tool, what they require is the best use of a word counter tool. We are not here to shed lights upon the job role of a content writer but we will be enlightening you about the different professions that make the best use of word counters

Why word counter tools are important?

While writing requires the use of a word counters, there are other fields too which might not do wonders without the best use of wonder counter tools. Let’s have a look at the list of professions where people would typically need word count software to get their wages accurately

● Translators

All folks that are related to the translation process are word count gurus — trimming actual word count means either saving some budget or squeezing more profit. However localizers use not the pure word count, but “weighted word count” that is closely integrated with the translation memory tools

● Medical transcriptors

MTs have to digitize manually written or tape-written medical data. The main specific of this profession is that one has to listen and type at the same time. But a skilled medical transcriptionist is a valued worker who usually gets his or her salary basing on the basis of the word count

● Commercial bloggers

While writing as a career is a pursuing option for every amateur writer, it is certainly a crucial field. You have to make sure to deliver error-free and plagiarism-free contents. Plus, there’s the stock of words which you need to use brilliantly to engage readers and motive them to reading more! A commercial blogger can make the best use word counters like wordcounttool.com for their task in corporate, news or whatsoever blog popular (i.e. filled with interesting content). They are paid per word of the generated content — pure word counters

● Freelance journalists

They are very much like commercial bloggers, but they sell their content to the “real media” (unlike of commercial bloggers they know nothing of SEO). Sometimes they are paid basing on the actual word count, but are most cases their wages are based on estimates (more details here)

● Writers

The folks who write big books that are printed on white paper, which you can buy at Barnes & Noble. Of course there are less successful guys whose books you are hardly to find even digging all day long at Amazon. But both successful and not very successful ones are paid on the word count basis (more info on the topic you can find in the History of Word Count Metrics)

If this guide has been helpful for you, do let us know through the comment section. Also, if you know other professions that require the use of a word counter tool, you can mention it in the comment section! Thus, this compiles everything to know about the different professions that make the best use of the word counting tools

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