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"Falling Down"

Yo, Ned

Where were you when I was falling down?
All up on my phone, why you calling now?
Me and myself had a falling out
I took more pills everyday, just to calm me down
You got some bread, now you balling out
I don't give a f**k what these lames think they talking 'bout
50 on my stick, lil' boy just watch yo' mouth
I kept my demons in my head, 'til you brought them out

Fake people try to come around
That's why I keep a hunnid rounds
Never really spoke, but I'm talking now
And I don't need advice, why you talking loud

Fell in love, with the drugs, she the baddest b*t*h
All this ice in my mouth, don't it make you sick
Run up on me wrong, then I'm dumpin' sh*t
Got this big ass f**king glocky hanging on my hip
You used to call my phone like every single f**king night
These b*t*hes fall in love, I saw it every single time
Givin' top, she do it late, I'm always on her mind
That b*t*h a demon, when she pull up, she committing crime
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