Kirk Knight

"Kerosene // Jay Capone"

[Part 1]

For the people who haven’t heard of me
Search for me in a Guinness hat & a jacket that’s burgundy
I’m the kind of guy who will lay a sixteen with certainty
I kill the track, I murk the beat, any synonym works for me
Used to the kid sitting by himself
Now I try to melt the finest, well the heat’s how you define a hell
Move if you mind the smell of smoke, I can tell
Get out the kitchen, but you know it’s where Midas dwells
Five Star textbook, best cook
Lеft hook with the bars always leave your hеad shook
I'm only going up, like how you always flex wood
Come fly with the rockets, it’s a fast break, Westbrook
Scorching like ever hectic fever
Jay make fakes shake like an epileptic seizure
Your flows inertia, the walking taking heater
A Canis Lupus killing in the game, no feature
I’ve spent my time tryna master the art of bar saliva
Got the strength & heat endurance of carbon fibre
Far from minor, start the timer, I discard the liars
You got the spark of a lighter I come with larger fires
Stuck thinking bout some gutter dreams
Butter schemes, snappy like shutter speeds & other things
Flow wetter than a c*mmer’s dreams
A fire man, you spit at me it’s Kerosene
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