"Classical (17 Bars with the New 1017 Freestyle)"

Its the mayor, so lock the door, I done shot a lotta folk
All these diamonds on me, where the hell I need a [?]
Pocket fat as hell, you would think its filled with canteloupe
Its the new 17, but this the old Gucci flow
Strapped up felon, these hoes be beggin'
Get caught in a jam, I know you gon' tell it
I'm the boss man, at the mall by [?]
Anybody got wrong, I live, I'll let 'em
Only say it one time, I'm the real deal slime
Pour a lime, 'fore I kill 'em, I'ma take my timе
So lame, that I might name you my iron
So real, killin' f**k n***as, should bе a crime
Its the mob, we don't play, we don't do no talkin'
Ain't got the scope, long distance, heat, off 'em
What I want for a verse? I want 'bout forty
I'm the sh*t, boy, need a big ol' toilet
I don't cap ass rap, I don't weak ass rhyme
I don't rent that sh*t, everything I got mine
Glacier Gang, n***a, all this ice here shine
Its the mayor, lil n***a, I'm one of a kind
Used to whip up the dope 'til my wrist was broken
Every drug you could say it, pu**y n***a, I sold 'em
Its the mayor of the street, pu**y boy, I got voters
Empty out the thirty, then, boy, I reload it
Forty on my hip, n***a, I ain't just holdin'
Deep throat a b*t*h 'til that b*t*h start chokin'
Csar in the mud, 'cause it keep me focused
I ain't need heat with this boy, you too local
Anything I said, n***a, I'll quote it
I'm the Hulk, on a whole n***a like Hogan
pu**y n***a can't kill me, I'm Logan
Bankroll here so big, can't fold it
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