You Didn’t Know That Though
You didn't know that though
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo

Here we go again I lend a vocal to your dome
Help this little MC find his way home
Wake up in the morning with the microphone jones
Step up in the room puff-puff the homegrown
All up in my zone prone stoned a drone's a clone
Television's inner vision native's are home
Most ill-in-tray innovative lo-'n-behold
Penetrating in the winebago goin' to Rome
Send a tape in when I break it though I be wrong
Hope this statement make ya planet keep flowin' along
But you never want to try to challenge for that throne
Make your dome piece shatter make you go back home
Here to show that bro
In this world of disco, sippin' on a cup of cisco
Know that go
To the psyche, make me pyscho, then I throw that blow
Lotta killin' lotta dyin' and I know that's wrong
Show backbone on rap songs, no wack song
Alimony's trippin' sittin' all in the back row
Mack-mode style sizzle hot tabasco
Slappin' up your cla** ill-y-ask fiasco
Last call for MC's who have soul
Aspiring to elevate cause n***as is a** wrong
I pa**ed all my logic in a flow rap mode
I got this whole map sold, you didn't know that though

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo

Bomb-diddy put the beat in yo' head
Watch as it expands an' your face turn red
Put lead to me like laps at club dread
Hate 'em need 'em leave but pa**ports are dead
I'm a rhymer on the rhyme and bring a armageddon
Whiping out the webs in the heads of my bretheren
Exiting to hover over your opinion
Never let another ruler inside of my dominion
Center in the middle of my inner with a riddle
Smoke a penner put a little bit of ginger in my dinner meal
Feeling ill stealing the show like a criminal
Cleaning out the mucus in your grill like benadryl
Millenium man, lyrically battle any man
Go and get your posse and your crew I got plenty fam
I roll up in your entourage with a caravan
Thought that I was humble then I let out the arrogance
Anti-American government crisis
Stare into my eyes don't you see you can never win
Hit you like a javelin severin helluva intelligent MC's
And victory relevant

You didn't know that though
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo
Blast off
Make me look every way that's surrounding me
Break your sound up into rhyme colonies
Reproduce and reduce the economy
Fill your ear with self sight psychology
In the world plan with spirituality
On the road sidelines enough casualties
Mind and body soul whole mathematically
Grab the microphone rock on emphatically
Grew youth into MC academy
Bring you truth in these lies and these fantasies
Common sense and to y'all the man is me

You didn't know that though
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo