Trouble (remix)
{mc's are in..} x2

Ripping you to sh*tzo
Get you on your tiptoes
I'm a drama dropper stomping all up in your zipcode
Schizophrenic your panniced running from my epilogue
Rap is like an insect crushed that I be steppin on
Lethal weapon armed deafen all yall heads
Up to the point of where your nervous smoking pall mall grits
I'm coming at ya busting at ya like a sawed off bit
You feel the horror of the slaughter
Then your halued off wrecked
I'm breaking all yall necks in half flex
Know the mathmatic formulas of fury
Hey lets go the path of the terror dome zone dwellar
Never goin gold
N***a better phone home
Tell them mail a chrome tombstone
Head up on a pedastal
A medical attention couldn't ever make it better from the metaphor of lynching
Now get up out the kitchen before you burn from the diction
With your head up in this b*t*h until you learn with conviction
I'm addicted to inflicting you with your self-doubt
Sticking the key to the ignition and I blow men down
Facillities belittle mc's
We killen 'em
Squeeze the mental trigger when i enter
Spittin venom with ease
Bring it

{mc's are in..} x2

Faster than a speeding bullet power of a BART train
Naturally the coolest when I'm rolling with my thought train
Fill me up with octane
Mentally are my brains coming down the chimeny slipping gifts up in your stocking
I came to win not just to play because I got game
N***as playing hard and can't identify with my pain
Clean the hemoglobin off your sweater after I stain
Fit condition lyracisim like jack lalanne
My main point is to show you i'm the jizoint
Rappers never capt**vate i d rather hear a pig oink
Pin point precision impairin yalls vision
A lyrical wizzical microphone magician
Pull a rabit out a hat and send him back to his habitat
Your buried in the pages of my rhyme flow avalanche
Put your smak down on your candy a** critics
The extravagant battle cat totallin your cadillac
Matter factly blackalicious in your factory
Fatter raps be bustin puss out your acne
Planned a wack scheme to attack me
Shattered that dream at a rapid a** speed black
Bring it back trouble

{mc's are in trouble} x3