"I am the only one that can cure the world by speaking words. Blacka, the Almighty!"

[Verse 1]
Blacka than a Panther, blacka than Atlanta
Open like the starry dark background of Saturn
Mighty like the builders of the pyramids in Africa
Stronger than an Afro, larger than Alabama
Deeper than your soul, blacka than a black Santa
Wild as Larry Davis is when he can give a damn or a f**k
Motion like a slave ship, slicker than a
Pimpin' hoe gettin' dough, slicker than the Mack or
Superfly, flyer than a super fly anthem
Funky like good times, soul train, or what's happenin'
Darker than a random check of pa**engers traveling
First cla**, blacka than a President, well half of him
Rise like the death rate, hustle like the trappers and
Slingin' like the crack, move weight like drug traffickin'
Vicious like the red and blue who don't see the aftermath
All that's left on the flag is white after the sabotage
Blacka than midnight in Kuwait and Afghanistan
Calmer than Caucasians in the booth gettin' tanner than
Aborigines, Black like original man, expand
Through the circle drifting in the sky where God planted men
In his own image holdin' up The Ten Commandments
African like Christ, the Bible said he had skin
The color of bronze, hair of wool, blacka than a than
Fore father named Abraham who expanded men
Dope like P.E., BDP, Poor Righteous Teachers
X Clan and Brand Nubian combined in one rapper then fed
Pig's feet, ham, ribs, not one but a slab of them
To die inside the ghetto only to arise and rap again

[Unknown Sample]

[Verse 2]
Blacka than Marcus Garvey and Black Nationalism
Rippin' the drum beats
Rippin' the funk, rippin' the rhythm
Bringing the Jazz, R&B, Blues
Harder than prison
Yard populations with no rehabilitation is given
I am the seat on the bus that Rosa Parks was sittin' in
I am Timbuktu, they want to keep me hidden
Black as a mother of civilization, a black woman
First should be last
So black is a beginning and the ending
Black as an African emblem
Blacker than blacker than blacker than blacker than Infinite
Blacks in a gra**roots rally a**embling
Unifying together trying to make a little difference
Blacka than the blackest of fists
Displayed in array on the back of your pic
Everyday come parlay and kick back as I rip
Put your hands in the mist
This is Blackalicious