Meet My New Producer With Me lyrics

Landon Tewers

@23:01 Conversation regarding the song "Trouble"

Gabbie Hanna: A lot of the references, I sent you like- like Creeper is, there's something very pop about it. You know what I mean?
Landon Tewers: Mhm
Gabbie Hanna: Even “Trouble,” the one that we're kind of in the middle of working right now.
Landon Tewers: Yeah
Gabbie Hanna: That song to me I have a lot of Pop elements, like a very Pop Punk song(s). I love thе fusion of it, I just- I think I primarily just love a really powerful “shouty vocal” and just a lot of sick instrumеntation
Landon Tewers: Right
Gabbie Hanna: Which is, to me rock. [Gabbie laughing]
Landon Tewers: Yeah, for sure. No, yeah. I think their’s- [Stumbling] Like I said before, like what's your voice, I think there's just so much to be experimented with because-
Gabbie Hanna: Can we scream? [Gasp]
Landon Tewers: Yeah, if you want. [Chucked]

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