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"Pressure Freestyle"

Spit out mad shells like a gun that don't jam
Way more than a flash in the pan
Way more than dope than the most potent grams
Know I'm on fire like NBA Jam
It's a bonfire better gather around
I'm cooking the city, I slathered the town
Before it got cooked, I sauced up the cow
Im all for the chips, they calling me Pau
I used to like it, I'm in tune with it now
And the haters bite sh*t, but I'm cool with it now
That's not pricey, that's a cool 100 thou
sh*t get spicey, cause im burning the crowd
I'm lighting sh*t up and I'm shutting sh*t down
These n*ggas not rushers, they won't touch a down
I dance like I'm Usher when yall not around
I'm f*cking yall mothers when yall not around
I been grinding so hard I done blew up my sound
Italian b*tch, hit ya later like Chao
Eating grub, that's that Pico de Gallo
They hit my DM's now I slept with them? wow
Can't say now that I am suprized
I grinded from dusk all to sunrise
And out of the dust, only some rise
I gotta of the sh*t, I was never fly
I was always the how, but never was the why
Getting mad at me cause she slept with the guys
Out in the streets with the truest of crimes
Maneuvered my way through the sewers and swine
Was tryna blow up like a lucrative mine
I feel like Im Tarzan I know how to climb
Steve with an axe I know how to mine
Slept with a dime, she all kinds of fine
Skateboarding flipping, all kinds of grinds
Like I dont like backs im ripping out spines
Breaking hoes backs, but my bros cover mine
You try to finesse you waisting your time
Ain't talking bout bread dont hit up my line
Got coke bars, come sniff up a line
Best come correct like a suit and tie
My di*k is insane she losing her mind
You thought you was poppin, you truly benign
I like groupies like three at a time
We shoot like the movies, on film we live
Shine in the dark, im just too bright
Print on her ass cheek, she so light
Ain't talking attitudes but she tight
She’ll show me gratitude like tonight
Step in the ring but will you fight?

Yall been flashbanging yall way to the top
Posterizing sh*t minus the hops
Im finna takeover, king me or not
I spit from the bushes, the cream of the crop

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