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BFB Da Packman

"Made Me Mad"

[?] this sh*t too crazy
Thank you [?]
I appreciate you man
But right now I'm hungry
I need a-

[Verse 1: BFB Da Packman]
Mac sauce on the double cheese
One time for fat n***as that look up to me
Looking [?] now she stuck with me
She pulled out her phone [?] the Glock I'm not [?]
When you suck it baby girl gotta [?]
[?] not joke and laugh
Hit his baby mama for the [?]
My engineer leak some of my music, I'ma smoke his ass (HOLY MOLY)
What's up, [?] ?
"Pew pew pew pew pew" what the K said
"Objection in this court room" what the K said
My b*t*h caught me f**king on her sister I just played dead
I bought these clothes from Walmart, is they really fly?
[?] made me cry
She said I had the best d**k, did she tell me lies?
My kids kinda ugly, had to ask her, "Is they really mine?"
Bfb and Dice Soho, this sh*t big reckless
[?] said he gon' slide, b*t*h I'm in Texas
Call my b*t*h Fivio Foreign 'cause the b*t*h wetty
Wanna know if I got HIV? Go get your b*t*h tested
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