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"Guillotine (Freestyle)"


You ain't never been hard, you're a joke and a clown
Wait, let me rephrase that
You ain't hard, you're the joke of the town
I don't get these guys, why you pokin' around?
I been on business solo
Run me back my bread if you owe more than a pound
And if not then you can hold more than a pound
They sprint, they shook, I'm walkin' around
I been busy on my work (Damn)
Rappin' is way too natural so that's why I never rehearse
And everything I spit is actual-actual-actual facts
Hoodies only because I never cap
You rappers lie, I don't know why you rap
You spendin' money that you ain't making back
Now why do you flex?
Yeah, you can talk all that talk
But it's different when I'm at your neck
You guys have been sleeping on me
It was funny but now I ain't playing so pay me respect
I ain't into all the Twitter tweetin'
Talkin' on the TL, we can meet in the flesh
I don't get why you snappin', cappin'
If you really 'bout the action, yeah we can put that to test
I was fourteen when [?]
Word to my craft and the things I write
I was fifteen when I spat them bars to the people
And I brought tears to the eyes
I was sixteen still writing [?]
Tell me I'm the emotional type
Seventeen year, that year was life
Now I'm eighteen and they calling me (Wait, hold on)
Bomb maker, beat slayer, heart breaker
Heat maker, heart player, dream chaser
Chase money, not girls
Chase bread and get paper
Dream crusher on my haters
Hit the scene, scene makers
We in there but won't make it
They could see where we take it
We ain't leavin', we—
I-I-I ain't never gotta say too much
If you don't like me, oh well, [?]
They hate that the kids not gentle
Never been gentle, bro I play too rough
I can talk on issues that dem man won't
'Cause the man that we @ won't do much
Now my manager said you're aggressive
It's cool but you gotta think about the consumer (What?)
Do I think about the consumer? Nah
They ain't never thought about me
I was just another brother on the corner
Doing runners for my gunners, tryna get in on the scene
I was just another brother on the corner
Doing runners for my gunners, tryna get in on the scene
Because I wanna get these numbers
Now I'm knockin' at your door, tryna bang like drummers
But please don't touch us, my bro's ain't huggers
And we been reckless, we don't care
They wanna judge us because of the joggers that we all wear
It used to be jeans and Astor's
But you wouldn't know that if you weren't there
And if you didn't hold me down back then
Don't talk on the kid, don't dare
Nowadays I find that I'm on my way up
When I'm rapping I love to express the kid in me
I gotta show love to the fans
Without them I wouldn't be here, are you kidding me?
I gotta show love the haters
Because I'm happy for the pain that you giving me
'Cause all the pain you been giving me is the reason I should put the beats inside the guillotines
Guillotines, ugh

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