Pillow Talk*


Pipe this sh*t up TNT
Tahj Money

[Chorus: Polo G]
Pillsbury Doughboy, baby, I'm a bread maker
A lot of dead presidents, a couple dead haters
Was posted tryna run it up, before the feds take us
I'm with some n***as who demonic, they some Hellraiser's
Roll with some rastas, they love choppers, they some dread shakers
He pillow talk, then he might gossip to interrogators
I just copped the brand new .40 with the red laser
It's gon' get ugly when I'm suitin' up likе Craig Sager

[Verse 1: Polo G]
Picked up some drip from ovеrseas for my designer fetish
From robberies to shoppin' sprees, we was young and desperate
I rather get it off the block than work a nine-to-seven
I'm chasin' cake until it kill me, like I'm diabetic
These hot shells like a voice-mail, they leave a message
But that won't get bro out the ground, I had to accept it
Wish I could talk to all my dawgs like send a sign from Heaven
Future Hall of Fame, then he the goat, yeah, he gon' die a legend
Lavish lifestyle, make sure I hit the baddest broads
If he don't practice what he preachin', then his ass a fraud
Back against the wall, like "f**k the world" and all I had was God
Come from the struggle, b*t*h, we had it hard

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