Lost Souls lyrics


Will I live to make it out the trenches, only God knows
But still I'm posted with extensions and them lost souls
The streets have let me down so much that's why my heart cold
The streets have let me down so much that why my, look
I done really went and put my all into this sh*t I had to ball with no assists
Think I almost called it quits, you almost lost me to this sh*t
I done really gave my all when I ain't have that much to give
Just thinking bout my struggles almost had to die so I could live
Got it out the mud, just come look at my eyes and tell I did
Jobi told me just stay focused on that grind and you'll be rich
Tryna keep from being c*cky while I'm mindful of my gift
Whilе zuly keep on playing hockey, why he sliding with them sticks
Shy and ramo diеd can't seem to rap my mind around this sh*t
Why the realest leave so young it seem like karma don't exist
All the hustlers doing bizz that's only tryna feed they kids
And all them n***as doing dirt seem like the longest ones to live
They put my n***as on a shirt that's only right they

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