Zero Life (Remix) lyrics

Suspect (Active Gxng)

[Producer Tag]
SK's moving mad you know

[Part 1: SY]
I'm a c*mbo bully
Get 'round with my knife and hoodies
Man beefing pussies and cowards
Leave holes in hoodies and trousers
Or get rammed by the f**king whip
Pop them doors, why they move so quick?
Slap off waps, this one a chiz
Back my shank, insert through pricks
I go on glides with my best mates
That's S and S with ZK's or Samurai sword like Sensei
Cheff man down and lock off your estate

[Part 2: Suspect]
Do it like S, ching that neck
Swing my shank, tryna take off heads
My man got it from head to toe
But he got most in belly and chest
Another attempt
Run out of breath, you run out of luck
Run out of light, need to re-up
All my friends? They need to free up
When you see us, you turn dash
Thеy don't think twice
Try get cheeky and back his knife
Bro just rеvved and made him fly
Still get up, I don't know how
But I catch up and get man down, ay
Try get charged and shout
But that shout just turned to a scream
When we all gave more than three
Hold your head, tryna stop that leak
Hold your neck, 'cah it's hard to breathe
Open chest and tear his belly
But it must be hard to eat
And it must be hard to sleep
Knowing, that you got war with me
And she took all of me
Now she won't stop calling me
[Verse 3: SY]
Get that drop, holler the mandem
They know we love to attack
Pop them doors, hit chests and backs
Pop them doors, hit chests and hats
Out on the road, we trap and bang
Dinger whip and turn off lights
Best believe I'll ram him and pray that I take his life
CK mashin' work inside

[Outro: Suspect]
Ay, ay

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