Tonite (Live)

DJ Quik

[Intro: DJ Quik]
I went to the drum machine
Here we go
And I did it like this...

[Verse 1: DJ Quik]
Yo, a day in the life of a player named Quik
I'm just a stubborn motherf**ker with a head like a brick
And just because I drink the 8, they say that I'm hopeless
But I don't give a f**k, so blame it on the locness
Now this is how we do it when we checkin' a grip
Playa Hamm in the house, so don't even trip
We're bustin' funky compositions as smooth as a prism
So check it while I kick it to this funky ass rhythm
It's Friday morning, the phone is ringin' off the hook
And AMG is in the den and puttin' rhymes in his notebook
Or should I say dope sack, because we don't bust wack
I pick up the phone, it's Chingy
He said he's comin' down at about two on the dot
So I'm about to rush the tub while my water's still hot
And now I'm soakin', a brother like the devastatin' DJ Quik ain't jokin'
f**k with me on DSP and you'll get broken
My name is DJ Quik, but you can call me Daddy
Yes, open up the door 'cause he got Freak Man in a Caddy
Now Freaky's in El Dog, Shabby's in the ElCo
And House of Blues came up at the do' (Here we go)
D just came with a forty and a quart
In addition to the three that Greedy just brought
But I don't wanna start early, so I just might
Put my forty in the freezer 'cause I wanna get bent (Tonite)

[Chorus: Cy Young, (DJ Quik), Talkbox]
Tonight is the night (Chingy, when we gon' get bent?) (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (She do it all, Cy Young) (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (Chingy, when we gon' get drunk?) (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (Ah yeah)

[Verse 2: DJ Quik]
And now I'm out of the tub, I'm feelin' fancy free
Spray on some Xeryus and put on my Givenchy
Sweatsuit, the gray one with the burgundy trim
And it's a medium, fit me proper 'cause I'm nice and slim
5:30 on the clock, the sun is steadily sinkin
And I am steadily thinkin' about the 8 that I'll be drinkin'
You know I ain't ashamed and you know I ain't bashful
So go on and pop the forty so I can pour me a glassful
Hamm is in the bedroom rollin' up a stencil
Fatter than a pinky and the length of a pencil
Freaky lit it up and hit it one, two, three
Shabby took a hit and they pass it to me
(It's the bomb)
I can feel my senses (Get numb)
f**k the forty ounce (I need some rum)
I'm chillin' like a villain (Here I come)
And that's how I'm livin'
Tonight is the night and I'm lookin' real sporty
Proper Friday evening and I'm ready to party
Crusher came in with a handful of snaps and said
(f**k it, let's shoot some craps)
(Yo what they in fo'?) A fin or a half
(Yo, shoot that ten, n***a) Don't make me laugh
Hi-C won a dub and he laughin' like it's funny
But I'm seven and eleven and I'm takin' n***as' money (Tonite)

[Chorus: Cy Young, (DJ Quik), Talkbox]
Tonight is the night (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (Ah, let's break it down so I can get funky)

[Bridge: DJ Quik, Talkbox]
(Tonite) That's alcohol for you
(Tonite) Big bucks, no whammies

[Verse 3: DJ Quik]
Wake up Saturday morning and I got a headache
I can't believe that I'm sick from all the sh*t that I drank (Last night)
Soon as I felt it comin on I shoulda quit
It's true that a drunk ain't sh*t
To the Man up above to whom thanks I'm givin'
I'll never drink again if you just let me keep livin'
Mike P spoke to me and I said I couldn't call it
Callin' Earl like a motherf**ker grippin' the toilet
I need a 7-Up, because my head is spinnin
Round and round, I think I better sit down
My homey Shot is alright, but I'm finna faint
I guess he's used to it, but a n***a like Quik ain't
K is on the phone, and Teddy's at the door
Some fine ass b*t*hes comin over at four
(Yo, I thought you wasn't gon' drink no more) Yeah right
Because as soon as they come, we doin the same ol sh*t (Tonite)

[Chorus: Cy Young, (DJ Quik), Talkbox]
Tonight is the night (Hollywood, when we gon' get bent?) (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (West Coast, when we gon' get bent?) (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (L.A., when we gon' get bent?) (Tonite)
Tonight is the night (Yes, that's how we do it, see ya) (Tonite)

[Refrain: Talkbox]

[Outro: Chingy]
Ay, DJ Quik is definitely a legend
Understand what I'm sayin'?

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