Headie One & Fred again..

"Charades (M1OnTheBeat Remix)"

[Intro: Headie One]
M1 on the beat

I say Headie
You say One
Headie, One
Headie, One
Headie, One


Ballys and hoodies, not phones in the car
Them man ain't on but they talk like they are
Them man ain't really got no arms
It come like they just been foldin' their arms
It come like man been playin' charades
The way man talk with them arms
One day, I'm in the hood tryna pattern up shh
Next day, I'm recordin' in France
They talk like they are
(Turn, turn, turn
Told me turn
They told me turn)

[Verse 1]
All I know is money and beef
Don't think I left it all in the past
How these opp boys say they want beef
But they ain't got bread, that's all on their arse
All my young boys like ten or nine
Guess they all wanna chart
Skengs, Rambos, flickys
We got them all in the car
How many man have the gangdem got?
How many time man do it all bait on the mains?
Gotta wish that a man's not hot
Still do it in a coat like Big Shaq got (One)
Just done it in my hoody
Four door swervin', no A Boogie (Turn-turn-turn-turn)
I hope I ain't 'got 'bout the judge, no Judy
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