Take me back lyrics


Why you’re staring at me
Make me feel like somethings wrong with me
Don’t know what to believe
Plastic bag - vacuum sealed, on my head
Oh no, system crash, system crash
I lost all my memories
Can’t remember anything
Take me back

Teach me the language your heart speaks
You said you don’t want me and how you’re so sorry
Tell me why it always ends like this
I don’t remember the last time I felt bliss

(are you still therе?)
Tell me if you're with mе
I've been losing, losing my human sensitivities
And i can't hold on if this is all youre giving me
Sick of inactivity
Listen, this is killing me
Cause i don't know why, but it feels like i'm dying
When you're not by my side, girl it gets so hard driving
And i get super tired of the same superhighway
Just let me know how i make it right, what do i say?

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