Lil Uzi Vert


[Intro: Lil Uzi Vert & Matt Ox]
(Oogie Mane, he killed it)
(Supah Mario on the beat, n***a)
Let's go
Let's go, yeah (Pew)

Stay so fresh, so clean, think they like me (Like me)
I wear more Supreme than a hypebeast (Than a hypebeast)
Only blue, no, green don't excite me (Excite me)
I could make a ho out your wifey (Out your wifey)
Jeremy Scott up on my toes, act like Shockey (Woah)
Made her get down on the bottom and she top me (Let's go)
Pull up extra icy, I'm not playin' hockey (Bling, blaow)
n***as think I'm weird and they don't really like me (Like me)

[Verse 1]
'Cause I could f**k your b*t*h and f**k your mom and auntie (Yeah)
Your girl's a five, but your mom is a dime piece (Ayy)
And your auntie, her name is Miss Connie (Miss Connie)
I got one Glock, his name Clyde, the other one named Bonnie (Let's go)
These b*t*hes, they think they dandy, but they be just lyin' (b*t*hes lie)
That lil' b*t*h, can't throw it back, I swear that ho be tryin' (Tryin')
When I f**k her from the front it sound like that b*t*h dyin' (On God)
VVS, I need a vest, anemic my diamonds (Woah)
I swear these n***as talk sh*t but they really be hidin' (Woo)
Had that boy's b*t*h on my d**k, that ho, she was just ridin' (Yeah, yeah)
Diamonds on my neck so wet, that sh*t look like Poseidon (So wet, water)
I stand on my money then my height, it turn to 9' 10" (Yeah)
Yeah, these n***as be bitin' (f**k)
Grra-ta, I'm not really with the fightin' (Grra-ta)
Yeah, me and her was vibin' (Yeah, vibin')
Yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Your b*t*h call me Myron (Call me...)
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