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Lil Uzi Vert


Shorty Spot My di*k, Looking Just Like She My Hammer
Told That b*tch Keep The Hammer On The di*k
Told That b*tch I Am The Man
Hit A n*gga With The Forty Get Fanned
Tell A n*gga He Get Blammed
Why This n*gga Looking At Me Like He Is A Fan
Shorty, Get The f*ck Outta Here
Cause Your b*tch Be Geeked Up, Fam
Told That b*tch Suck On My Team
Told That b*tch I Get The Green
Drinking The Lean
Codeine, Codeine, Codeine, With A Little Promethazine
I Got The Clip On That b*tch And The Stick Hang Out That b*tch Like That b*tch Is A Limousine
Told That b*tch I'm Living Can't Be Beat
In Los Veg, In The Crib Eatin, Lean A Cuisine
Got Your Hoe All Up On me, I Rock All The Tommy
You Ain't Got No Job, I Call That n*gga Tommy
Hit A n*gga With The, Hit A n*gga With Tommy
Put A Drum On The b*tch, di*k Always In Her Stomach
di*k In Her Throat Til That b*tch Wanna Vomit
Told A n*gga I'm High In The Sky Like a Comet
I'm Gettin' Money I'm Countin' Comma Comma
I Might f*ck Yo' Momma, Hit Yo Ass Just Right With The Llama
I Don't Care About No sh*t, Hit A b*tch, Feel Like MC Hammer
I'm Up On The sh*t, Never Going Broke
Counting Ten Fifteen Hunnit , Too Legit To f*ckin Quit
I Been Giving b*tches di*k Going In Til That b*tch Suck My Balls
If She Got A Cold, Then I Feed That b*tch Some How
I Might Move My Bricks Where The Motherf*ckin' U-Haul
I Just Talked To All My n*ggas
I Got A Plug From Colorado
I Mean Colorado
Told A b*tch I Go Hard, Play The Guitar
White b*tch She Live In Utah
I Got All The Clout, I Got All The b*tches
Yo Wife Be My Hoe, Lil Uzi Gonna Glow
My Ice Bright Like The Snow
Told That b*tch Just To Go, Told That b*tch I'm On Go

Hit A n*gga With The Forty, AK-47
Darko, darko, .223 in it
Hit A n*gga Up Pop His Body In
Tried To Move Move Knocked His Ass Off His Pivot
Told My b*tches To Jump On My di*k
Just Like A Frog So She Have To Ribbet Ribbet
I Might Even Hit That n*gga With Chirp
Told That n*gga Just Give Me What Its Worth
Told That b*tch Suck My di*k And Make It Work
I Got The Money n*gga Smokin Purp, Sippin The Lean
Told Your b*tch I'm Gettin Money
I f*ck With Blue Benjis No Green
That Be All Hundreds, I Just Go Crazy
I Told Your b*tch She Will Not Be My Lady
Ew You Make That b*tch Have Your Baby That b*tch Ate My Baby

What I Say? I Got All The Clothes
I Got Everything
Counting Blue Benji's, Me Don't f*ck With Green
I Usually Keep It Green, Bullets In Yo Team
Chico World, n*gga

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