Lil Uzi Vert

"Futsal Shuffle 2020"

[Intro: Lil Uzi Vert & Tyler, The Creator]
Yo, sing this sh*t, are y'all f**kin' dumb?
Eternal Atake
Gotta shoot two at her (Yeah)
Gotta shoot two at her (Woah)
Blue cheddar (Yeah)

That girl, she got with my clone (One, two, three)
I told that lil' girl that she gotta just do better (Woah)

Are you serious?
I swear my money get serious
Okay, all my checks, I just be clearin' it
She suck my d**k 'til she get delirious (Wow)
Okay, jump on the jet, so I'm Clearin' it (Woo)
Okay, 'Port, but I'm not talking New' (Let's go)
Okay, smoke that boy just like a cigarette

If that boy try to make a false move, uh (Damn)

[Verse 1]
I'm on some whole other sh*t
I got a whole 'nother rich, I'm on a new level
I was f**king on your b*t*h
She was ridin' on my d**k, she ain't need two pedals

I swear these n***as, they b*t*hes
I swear they all gonna snitch when my n***as go shoot at 'em
n***as, they mad about this
n***as, they mad about that, but it's only if you let 'em
She save my name in her phone
Only thing she save me under is probably that "U" letter (Hello?)

No, I don't got provolone
Only thing in my pocket is probably, um, some blue cheddar
She tried to leave me alone
Then she got right with my clone, man, I hope that she do better
I know it's blue cheese on me
But when I got fifties on me, I call that sh*t loose cheddar (Hah)
Jeremy Scotts all on my feet
I had a cougar with me, so I call that girl Coretta (Coretta)
I am the richest n***a in my city
I can make it rain like no matter what's the weather (Facts)
I know that girl, she got swag
But when it come to puttin' it together, she could do better
I sent that girl a DM
She ain't answer me, so you know that I gotta shoot two at her (Yeah)
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