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Lil Uzi Vert


Get at it, whipped at it, tell me wit a brick at it
Which girl I’m gon' get back
I can’t really pick that
I don't know I’ma get guap and stack it like it’s nothing
I’ma get money yeah your b*t*h love
I kept it real, I stayed 100
Don’t f**k with 12 so I ain’t bluffin
My stack blue cheese blue cheese
Flex on me with a new wing
Money out the bank it’s so clean
Count it new while I'm on morphine
Sometimes I feel like I'm Future

[Verse 1]
Then I’m wit a check her mans
Ooh, what that boy he gonna do
My n***as they gonna shoot
Leave that boy dead for like 2
We stare, his face it's all blue
Count all my money it’s blue
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