Lil Uzi Vert

"My Legacy"

Ayy, Brandon, man, why you do that?

[Chorus: Future]
I got dope and it's not your pedigree (On God)
I went shopping, came back with Penelope (Ooh)
Off of the clouds and I’m showing some elegance (Yeah)
I put my thumb in her butt for my legacy (Ooh)
I took a watch and I filled it with sesame (Yeah)
Choppin' the top and I'm speeding on ecstasy, huh
Diamonds same color Sprite, huh
Soli-solitaires, huh
Raggedy ho, got top, huh
Snipers be all on your block, huh
Blood all in your sleeve, huh
b*t*hes kneel to my feet, huh
Serving special cheese, huh
Turned to a freak, hey
Designer b*t*h my speed, hey
Took your b*t*h, M.I.A. 

[Verse 1: Future]
Grinding, serving Penelope, huh
Diamonds boosting my energy, huh
Unload the clip in the enemy, huh
Killers gon’ come if you mention me, huh
I go insane for the Benjamins, huh
I'm on the plane with the gang, huh
G6, stay in your lane, huh
Diamonds look like some Sprite, huh
This not a normal life, huh
I made sacrifice, huh
I got that lingo they bitin', huh
Eatin' it up, precise, huh
Pipe on, my ice on, so gone, gone, gone
Four or five lines pourin', codeine pourin', pourin', pourin'
Ain’t no sleep, I keep goin’, goin', goin’, goin'
She a freak, I be knowin', knowin', knowin’, knowin'
Jet ski, I be flowin', flowin', flowin', flowin'
When she met me, she approached me like a god (Let's go)
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