Pull Up to the Party (Freestyle) lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert

[Verse 1:Is0kenny]
Pull up to the party getting better
I’mma knock em out his box and I ain’t talking checkers
I gotcha girl writing love letters
She see me get fly I be getting her wetter

[Verse 2:Polo G]
Lil Polo the goat ain’t no measure
These shots warm him up put his head ona stretcher

[Verse 3:DaBaby]
I look at the booty I enter
I’m bending her over right over the dresser

[Verse 4:Lil Baby]
I only be getting this cheddar
She giving me brain like I call hеr professor

[Verse 5:Lil Uzi Vert]
I kill an opp for a vendetta
Shе reading my stones like my name is Coretta

[Verse 6:Blueface]
I only want bands in my pants
She gonna give me top than I gotta forget her

[Verse 7:Roddy Ricch]
Dat girl is a dub I can’t sweat her
My ice keep me cold so I rock Dior sweaters

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