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A$AP Mob


[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Lately I've been havin' thoughts (Mhm)
Like if I was just left alone, I'd probably be better off (Mhm)
Gimme some, let her off (Mhm)
[?] ain't no letter off
Uh, bad dream (Mhm), truth is the gang needs but a castle, uh
Don't aim it at me, won't at you
Still bless you, no achoo, uh
When you wanna die, they gon' make a statue
Numbers, take numbers, commas, big numbers
Don't take names, take nothin'
From no one, uh, and I'm on one
Just took a fish with some pills
I'm in the fifth throwin' bills
Stop lyin', you ain't met a n*gga rich like this b*tch, uh
Ever since, pretty teeth gets glissed like this b*tch, uh
Crossed over it's like swish
Left hand, switch switch
Jump, jump, Kris, Kris
Cross, cross, flick wrist

[Verse 2: Lil Uzi Vert]
Diamonds all on my wrist (No), no I usually don't miss (Miss)
Got a wrist make you cold (Huh?), God, I swear it make you sick (Woo)
Follow me, might fall (Yeah), might slip on the drip (Lil Uzi)
Might slide in the whip (Lil Uzi), might f*ck on your b*tch (Lil Uzi)
So good, gave her tip (Yeah), tip cover whole rent (Huh)
I can't give a hoe a kiss (Kiss, what?), little b*tch suck di*k (di*k, yeah)
I ain't f*ck all the tricks (Tricks), diamonds on me walkin' lick (Lick)
Boy stole my style, that mean he my child, wait
Like my b*tch so hot, no mild
That b*tch crack, tell that n*gga pipe down
Oh, boy your pockets frail (Huh)
You better weigh your scale (Weigh your scale)
Head first, they take it for real (Huh)
But boy the hate is real, yeah
Half my diamonds white (Oou), half of my diamonds teal
I said half of your diamonds fake (What), half of your diamonds real (Huh)
I don't know what to say (I don't know what to say)
I don't know how to feel (I don't know how to feel)
I'm gonna keep gettin' cake (Sheesh), I'ma count up them mills (Lil Uzi)
Put it all in my safe

[Verse 3: A$AP Ant & A$AP Twelvyy]
Pourin' up the zips, shorty wanna get a kiss
Shorty wanna get licked, uh
Ridin' in a foreign, uh
Overseas tourin', uh (Ayy)
Prada on me now, uh (Ayy)
No Ralph Lauren, uh (Ring)
Pull up in this b*tch, uh (Ayy)

[Verse 4: A$AP Twelvyy & Treez Lowkey]
Odyssey rollin', Hennessy smokin', n*ggas be jokin'
n*gga reloaded, pop in the cartridge, put it in motion
Young and devoted
Go to the bank, I'm gettin' these tokens (Rick James)

[Verse 5: Treez Lowkey]
Woman just know this, frontin' on a b*tch still hopin' out rollin' (Gang)
Used to be a little n*gga you used to laugh at (Uh)
Got yo b*tch under construction 'cause her ass flat (Forreal, forreal)
I just f*cked all of her friends and then I dab, dab (Forreal, forreal)
Threw so much money last night, she had a rack attack (Racks)
b*tch I'm Guwoped down, with a bag to match (Yeah)
Gave that boy [?] got more cash to flash (b*tch)
Got my middle finger up, for my exes (For my old hoes)
I just f*cked her momma, scratched her off the check list (f*cked her momma though)
They tried to hit me up in traffic, but you ain't check this (Brr, what?)
For that talkin' on my sisters, that's your neck b*tch ([?] b*tch ass)
This a Maybach Benz, ain't no Lex-b*tch (Skrrt)
Billion dollar baby, spend that money right (I'm [?] lil' n*gga)

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