Rowdy Rebel

"On Fire"

Woooo (woo)
Rowdy baby
Yah (Woo), yah
Glllttt, skurt

[Verse 1]
pu**y n***as don't condone that (Woooo)
Pull up, pull up, where your home at? (Skurt skurt)
Put a bullet where his dome at
Watch the body drop by the door mat (Haaa)
Brought a .40 semi for the combat (Haaa)
Brought a .40 cal' for my car rent (Haaa)
So I pull up, pull up where you pops at
Put a bullet through his skull, cat (Glllttt)
Got a man down, but can't count that (Woo)
'Cause the old man wasn't 'bout that (Woooo)
n***a's son tough? Doubt that (Woo)
Watch my lil' n***as, goin' out that (Woo woooo)
Put a bullet where his skull at (Bah)
Put another bullet where his spouse at (Bah bah)
pu**y n***a come about that (Woooo)
'Cause them n***as know that you ain't 'bout that (Skurt skurt, skurt skuuurrrt)
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