Last Days
[Verse 1: Asheru]

As we move closer to the end
Many men pretend to know when
Armageddon begins
Warfare and terrorism
Military slaughter
Famine, disease, lack of clean drinking water
Earthquakes, hurricanes, strange weather patterns
Man-made disasters
Past or hereafter
All trying to capture
The coming of the rapture
But really, who's prepared
Who's scared?
Who's unaware of what awaits
As we enter the gates
2010 black men still
Enemy of the state
And it's a state of emergency
Code red
Get on your deen with all urgency
Go head_
And push harder go farther
Spread wide and leave a legacy
The hope is that tomorrow brings a
Better you/ better me
Man it better be
Hope my loving ain't in vain
Bad enough these politicians
Got the whole world going insane
This day might be the last day
The last day, might be this day

[Hip Hop Pantsula]
We're living in that last world order
That ice age bowl bout to be flooded by water
That Wande Coal bumper to bumper disorder
That Ghandi sole we walk in cannot afford to be taken for granted...
Otherwise we'll be abandoned
We don't want a better life
We demand it!
When it comes to reading dibuka
You can't thet'
But when it come to making lebotha you count it
How Did?! You cannot Pantit
You cannot live in a Khuti like Sadaam did
You chant one thing
Kamo o chuna annè ding
You want one thing
Kamo o dula mo lapeng
O dilwe Keng?
Get on your feet again
This end is only the beginning monna breath again
Be the better brother
And plant the seed again
With your knowledge I swear
You're gonna win. You'll be insane...
This day might be the last day (Cuts)
The last day, might be this day (Cuts)
In these last days
Who is awake?
In these last days
Got no time to waste
In these last days
Don’t be afraid
In these last days we will find our way…

[Verse 2: Kingpen Slim]
It’s hard feeling like a winner
When summer’s feeling like winter
Winter is feeling like summer
It’s the eye of the storm
Of the weather that I’m feeling right under
People got AIDS, still look healthy
People with low credit scores still look wealthy
Politicians switch they pitch
When they win elections
Try to overthrow oppression threw an interception –
Won’t nobody stand up
Grown men dressed like girls won’t nobody man up
Guess it’s hard being broke tryna pay attention
So most people miss the message in the things they mention
Watch for the sign saying “Yield”
Slowing down tryna level out the playing field
As the days grow, hearts grow colder
Soon we just might see hell froze over –
Last Dayz