What You Got
Let me know what you got
So i can add mine to it
Never let it be said i ain't down with the movement
They ask me how many dudes is in the crew you're in
I tell them a lot and something like [?] in them
I grew ‘ew in them
Slim cat why you in them
Grabbin a** a girl came through in them
You hear the results, another masterpiece revolving
Salute to all of them
Ok run the tape back and check the chronology
The plan is aligned, the perfect forms of astrology
The drum is the heartbeat, its part of my biology
The ba** plays my spirit you can try and follow me
Stop believe lesser beings adapt to my philosophy
Awkwardly pa** it off as his with no apology
Honestly can't blame em i team up with the scholarly
Let em get up by, this blue chip commodity
Shouldn't had started me, pardon me i first wanted to show mercy
But getting eager seems odd to me
Rhyming ain't hard to me
Its the pressure of making your ends meet without popping a main artery
Olympic don, archery. enough to move men of the movement
On some old millionaire marchery
One nation under a groove and in harmony
Thats progression you the recession like the economy
In my fullness i simply attack the nonsense, 7th letter
As i progress i get better
Its the love spreader
Or so the weak style debtor
The buffalo soldier son
I thought i told ya the chumps are willing
Take it a shilling for a killing
Thinking that they get mad probs in top building
But please the globe spins 360 degrees
Destroy my enemies and put my mind at ease
Regardless of what you is doing
As a saw get it in. be a merit with the pen and no comparison to them
A level beyond songs with a secular appeal
Im drama hotter than tryin to stroll across lava
Ink pen in my hand on blocker
Microphone rocker, standing ovation everywhere i am spotted
Treating this field of work like boxing
Bringing you the rawness The ugly gorgeous
Giving you a cause to applaud this level of authentic
Presented with the vintage all in it
KB in Venice appearances be limit
Take it easy believe me you will get the business
With no puns intended
Meanwhile I flourish at the same time i nourish the crowd
Put a hush to you talkin loud
I remain unphased by your foolish pursuits
Suffocations, me and n***as where you living pollute
Been a man about my ways since the early days
Now I know the time putting lessons in rhymes
Its a slow climb but the peak appears close
Y’all know the deal then leave the lord a host