Funky DC
[Verse 1: Asheru]
Barry Farms, Lincoln Heights
Condon Terrace, Sursum Corda
Trinidad, Uptown
Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan
South West, Waterfront
Benning Road, Minnesota
Sheriff Rd. Brookland
Rhode Island, Saratoga 4
Garfield, Park Morton
Chevy chase, Foggy Bottom
Chinatown to Penn Quarter
Union Station, Fort Totten
Tenleytown, Good Hope
Congress Heights, Mayfair
Naylor Gardens
Anacostia, the Big Chair 8
Howard U, Trinity
Fort Dupont, South Dakota
NY Ave, Rte 50
Take you all across the border
Over into PG
Lanham Severn, Forestville
Cap Heights, Branch Ave
Waldorf, Mitchellville 12
Mo County, Silver Spring
Olney, & Cherry Hill
Inner and that outer loop
Take you to virginia still
95 south
Pentagon to Potomac mills
We on the ark
Everybody on their mark
Set go now hold on
Dont let go
Were almost there
You smell that in the air?
I know you do
It can't just be me
We ain't funking for Jamaica
We funking for dc