No Matter Where You Go
Once upon a time in the outer reaches
Where clear black nights
Met white hot beaches
The destroyers came to shore
And were speechless
By mysterious peoples
With Sunburnt features
Among them Healers and even teachers
Who knew of God before they even heard of Jesus
It was fate that they would cross paths
Neither side would come out the same in the aftermath
Thru the door of no return
Broke our mind, body, spirit
With very little concern
I guess over time we learned how to adapt
Make a brand new second hand
Ut of these old scraps
And now we influenced the whole planet
I wear it like a suit of armor
My melanin activates to bring me good karma
Sow my seeds
Multiply like a good farmer
Inside of every
Trayvon or Obama
Lies the potential to be great or die trying
The odds are stacked
Ain't no point
In me Being a shy lion
Walk with a certain pride
We move by a code
And go for what we know-
More like what we're owed
To make up for the lies
That media tells
Like being Black is hell
Death, crime, and jail
Are the only outcomes
With few exceptions
We're here to change course
In a new direction
Using talents
To provide balance
Advance thru the corporate to make Em forfeit
Or Give Em fatigue
In the Ivy League
Then watch Em all fall short
On the ball court
Never forget who you are
Or what we been thru
How what we did
Dont compare to what we're meant to
And the best is yet to come
So it's essential
That we wake up
Before we get that wake up call

We don't all have to agree
But we all have to be committed to a degree
To do for you
The same as I would do for me
If we can do that
We'll finally get to see
What we been fighting for -this wholetime- to get free

Often imitated
Never duplicated
Always underestimated
Cash money generated
Feared, loved, hated
Especially the highly educated
And the ones from the bottom they thought
Never woulda made it
Wish we never tolerated
Being so degraded
Lands invaded
Tombs, oil and gold mines raided
Incarcerated socially castrated
Separated at birth
From the very root that
Gave it
Still feel the pain
We self medicated
Stay faded
From The projects to communities that's gated
I won't over complicate it
Ill simply state it
Look - the world is in trouble
And We gonna be the ones to save it