A, Animalistic att**ude, healthy appet**e
With the 'bove average after two
Always on your mind
Well rounded like an Afro
Always on my grind at the risk of being an a**hole

S, Similar strength and self determination
[?} on the sideline for sucker extermination
Seed spiller, since [?]
See me with the scrilla's and the c-note on this [?]

H, L-Bombs hit harder than Hiroshima
King of the Jungle
Have a hearty laugh with the hyaenas
Heavy hit to the mids like "Hi-Ho"
Horizontal, that hash go
Half-Baked, I don't believe so

E, Elementary, Entry into every party
But what I learned is that you can't be everything to everybody
Early birds eat worms
Economics exit out through their excrement, this is my experiment

R, Radio Redundant
Resolution run from it
Revolution run to it
Represent one two
Rock tones crack, RBI blue black
Represent royalty
Run rappers from royalties
U, Unmitigated, una****erated, made it
Under-spoken, understated
N***a's say we're underrated
Under the gun
But want to be under the um-brella
Hope you know we got something for you fellow

That's my sh*t right there
Black Moses
This is Insomnia