Un-manifest potential with intention to be coming out the black hole of eternity
Still the gentry [?]
Breaking barriers to entry
Making complex seem elementary
It's in the century [?]
With the extrasensory to bring the info back to data entry
That's my function, in conjuction
With the power of the sun
I integrate differentiated pieces into one
And you don't stop
The rhythm of ning[?]
As I start to sling and bring rhymes to the ring
Some didn't know the king-DOM
Lies in front of us while I summon us
Up scenes from a dream
Some brothers have the means to be makin'
Not takin'
What another is given
Livin' in bliss
With little girls in the halls
Walls smelling like piss
But listen to the echo in the hall, like this

I roll across the globe [?]
And wave, like star tac [?]
Give the captain a pound
Kiss the tarmac
Ask the promoter, "Hey, yo, where the drum [?] at?"
The doctor rom bay [?] in the back
Please get on that
Right away
We gonna be wilin' the night away
Then after that I gotta go back
Alright, I'll stay!
You twistin' my arm
Or you pullin' my chain
Same difference
Sunlight and moon rays
Come in late for the sound check
It's still
Nobody's around yet
You know how n***as get with the time
Two or three things to juggle
Yo, I don't wanna bug you
But the show starts at ten and it's already nine
Plug me in and I'll be fine
Mic checkin' with the rhyme
Pretty soon I'll have this whole platoon
Fallin' in line
In keeping with the times
*Chin-sweeping you with shine [*wrestling terminology?]
Givin' thanks
It's part of the whole grand design
I got soul
[not sure about this part]
I got ...
Up in this joint here
Seven heads of fear
Do the head fakes
Soon Come, waitin' for a year
That's F-R-E-S-H, fresh fresh fresh
Yo money, is fresh too
N***a blue
Yo, it's Asheru...

The basion persuasion [?]
Breaking you down like an equation
Rockin' this nation
Grand Canyon to Appalachians
We the best on this
E B S test less [?]
The real structure of a hip-hop rhyme
It's typeafric [???] the way that I'm laughing at your stupidity
The secret in rhyming lies in fluidity
Still, you be asking [your or "Yo"?] god
How can I remain hard
And have a bill
And at the same time keep it real
But yo, fuck keeping it real
We just keep it conscious
Amidst all this nonsense
Music with no real contents
And real-i-ty
To we, is bein' free
In mind body and soul
Divine [notty am bol??????]
Refined and in control
Of my own life's force
Screaming freedom for my peoples
Til my throat gets hoarse
You off course and off track
From the correct way of thinkin'
Them subliminal messages catch you blinkin'
I got soul