(Verse 1 : Agam Niru ESAI)

I was on em corners about a year ago
Lookin’ up to God for some miracles
Runnin’ from the cops and these chemicals
We’re in disguise behind enemy lines
Music is therapy,the realest poetry

(Verse 2 : Asheru)

Behind every dark cloud there’s a Blue sky
And we’re growing up so hard,they have been tellin us lies
Free your mind,that’s the way to grow
Seek and you shall find where we’re going
Free your mind and soul, make some room for growth
It’s gonna rain tomorrow, this path is so narrow

(Verse 3 : Jepsy Jewels)

Someday you’ll find it, one day you’ll find it
Even tho it’s just hiding you got to keep on trying
One day you’ll find it
Like someday,one day