For Old Time’s Sake
It's about that time, it's about that time to get paid {x2}
Coolin' in the shade, yeah
[Verse 1]
To all my emcees, djs, b-boys and writers
Pullin' all nighters tryna make it right
Consider this a salute from yours truly
Asheru, the human beacon, speaking truth to light
Just keep doing your thing and represent for your culture
Don't let nobody misrepresent you
Like these cats who would rather you dumb your shit down
For the masses than to rock for the intelligent few
Sometimes I feel like we need a new definition of the words that define us
Music that we love, maybe it's just because I got too much ambition and
Wanna be more than just a thug in a club
I traveled all over the world, wined and dined and had a good time
With folks of every color and hue
From my different conversations and combinations of experience
I been able to change my worldview
Hip hop is a universal language
We all speak fluently and shapeshift to fit congruently
Started in the Bronx around the same time I was born
And now look, it's a worldwide community
Built upon the foundations of peace, unity, love and havin' fun
Word to Zulu Nation
Cause these'll be the same principles that I'mma hand off to my son
[I'm MC Asheru, know what I'm sayin, do it for old time's sake]
[Verse 2]
Delivery is fresh like produce, its no use tryna keep up
I suggest you hit the gym and beef up
If you think you wanna tussle, I got the extra muscle for that ass
And you the trash,i gotta sweep up
This ain't that processed, thoughtless, five minute ready, store bought, out the box, prepackaged 16s
Its that, gourmet, raw deal, sashimi, made to order, 24 to rip ya inseams
Emcees these days got it all, fucked up with their incredible quest to gain
Mad cream, rockin fur with the Louis Vuitton
Enough jewelry on, I mean DAMN is you a pimp or drag queen?
And these broads must be feelin it too, when er' one is real in they crew
Girl Lets keep it actual, factual
I know you only wanna be seen, but I'm sayin you an African Queen
What the fuck is a Blonde Natural?

[Verse 3]
Nevertheless, I digress
Let me just get back to the original point that I was making
Can't pay these bama's no mind, cause its no time
Plus the bottom line to it, y'all gon keep fakin