Let Me Hold You
This one right here is for you
Live at home

[Let me hold you]

Tight like the way I handle my mic
Asheru got an appet**e for the Rapper's Delight
Other dudes might tell you that they grindin'
I grind too but not only work, I need my stomach lined an'
See, I'm always hungry
Enough to snap out go hard and humphrey a whole other country
Barely got love in my own land
A damn shame, that's why do it yourself is my campaign
I let my mind do the walkin', pa**port do the talkin'
When I come out to see you in a foreign land
And I know when we get together it's for better or worse
Cause every verse be with the track like they holdin' hands
Don't want to hold the crown, just want to hold it down
That's my stee' lately as I get older and wiser
But don't you take me for a joke, young man
[This is insomniac]
Cause I spit my gunsling with the best of 'em, shizer