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Lil Durk


[From Snippet]

[?] so don't hit me up
And I mix my feelings with prescription drugs
When I fell to my knees, you ain't pick me up
When I was down on my back, you say I ain't rich enough
And we ain't gone talk about no sex, cause you ain't get it up
And I don't want you to suck my di*k cause you ain't spit enough
You a ungrateful little b*tch, you say I ain't spend enough
You told me you want your ass shots cause you ain't thick enough
I'm in the trenches with the sharks, I ain't have a heart
Something like [?] wanna talk, I left you in the dark
You was lurking on my page, you became a narc
You was writing b*tches back, that sh*t went to far
And I carry you on my back like I ain't have a car
You was kinda mad I hang with murderers
b*tch, you Instagram famous, but you not a star

b*tch I made you
Took you out the hood and I saved you
Why them other n*ggas tried to play you
b*tch, you ungrateful
b*tch, you ungrateful
b*tch, you un-
I ain't want a label, I ain't label
I ain't tryna be your friend or your man or your husband
I don't want a label

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