Lil Durk


This a Hood Famous production
Go  Grizz
Winners  Circle

I still got family in the hood, this sh*t for real
And I swear they on my mind when I'm off them pills
Only  thing on they mind go and kill
Told  my granny I can't deny, gotta pay her bills
She said I'm the reason for his death, it gave me chills
I  thought my life was supposed to change when I got that deal
So this is how it feel (Yeah), this is how it feel

[Verse 1]
n***as' vibes different, you even smile different
I even fall out with the n***as that I know'll ride with me
I  lost cousins to these streets, it make my high different
I left Ikey around some pounds when the job missing
I put my b*t*h on JetSmarter, she even fly different
Thirty pair of Amiri jeans, I say my fly different
Even though I'm rich, I'm still Lamron, so all my guys trippin'
I know y'all miss me, I miss y'all too, but I'm out the Chi with it
Whoever thought the b*t*h we slept around was scamless
If you gon' cheat on him, don't cheat on him with the fellas
I'm around millionaires, I'ma change, let them tell it
Everybody around me gang, we rebellious
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