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Lil Durk

"I Am No Auto"

Yeah, gang
Aye, pull up Lam

[Verse 1]
We been politicin' for a minute
I don't know who to trust
I got models in my DM, I don't know who to f**k
I told her come to ATL, she say "it's two of us"
b*t*h, don't miss your flight, you know that's groupie love
Hoe, I can't pay no bills, gon' get that coochie up
Foenem selling real exotic, give that dookie up
Why the opps be saying my name like they be cool with us
If you ain't got more than a mill you ain't into it with us (Yeah)
Why you rapping bout' a switch, you ain't got switch
One of the fours, my lil' brother, he ain't gotta switch
He tryna see his son grow, he said he gotta snitch
He in all kinda sh*t, that lil' b*t*h counterfeit

We caught the last one we want, ain't gotta find em' no more
Went in the store to grab a fifty, they ain't have em' no more
One artist did sum with my opps, don't wanna sign him no more
I had to fall back off the drink cause' I was sounding too slow
The plug dropped me off some pounds, I made him vanish for sure
My city never show no love, that's why I'm taxing for shows
I was locked up in the county, I wasn't asking for hoes
n***a said that he gon' kill me, now he asking for poles
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