Lil Durk

"Last Breath*"

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
My mama brought me a pair of Reeboks with her last check
I'ma hold my city down until my last breath
Whoever thought [?] in a shootout would be his last step
I'm gon' keep the family together until my last breath
I know a n***a who rapped and told, that's a lab rat
I told my son I'ma run it up, but he wasn't alive yet
I sold dope outside my granny crib she ain't allowed at
If that man put his hands on my sister, man ain't allowed back
That's the quickest way to get turned to a loud pack
I'ma ask every rapper in the world to give my style back
I remember f**kin' three, four hoes at soundcheck
And he was right here since day one, you wasn't around yet
A n***a walked outside my life, he ain't got found yet
We catch that n***a, he barbecued, that sh*t Outback
I'm just playin' my snake card, I gotta smile back
Get alley-hooped to the opps, I can't allow that
Do you tell me that you love me, that sh*t bother me
If you really mean it, do you accept my apology?
I'm just speaking to the trenches, this is all of me
I'm just speaking to the streets, do you follow me?
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

[Verse 2: NoCap]
If they don't do nothin', they gon' remember us
Ayy, we tote mops just like janitors
"Forgive me right now," that's all I'm sayin' in my prayers (Sad)
Know it ain't fair, but I'm Saint Laurent sweaters (Diwali)
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
I'm from the hood, that's a privilege (That's a honor)
Got mob ties, come get your wheels fixed (Yeah)
Homicides, like sayin' you can die real quick (Yeah)
Brown Louis bag like I'm Whitney
Even in the winter, we watched that money fall (Summer too)
Draw broken hearts when the windows fogged up (And guns too)
Dude laid out flat, I wish I had a air pump (Holla)
Me and my partner want the same n***a dead
Let's go half on him (Yeah), don't need a stylus
Hunnid racks inside my dresser (Don't need no dresser)
She say she strip, guess she thought I wouldn't accept her ([?])
Just left a bank and I still forgot to tell her (Yeah, yeah)
But the last time, I f**ked her friend without my [?] (Ha)
I keep that on, 'cause I watched the hate increase
And I ain't lyin', I was in the jungle with them tigers more than Kylie (Chillin')
In the streets, can't wait 'til I drop like Visine (Yeah, yeah)
Fast cars is gettin' regular (Regular)
A hunnid broads is gettin' regular (Gettin' regular)
I'm healthy, bought a lotta carats, I'ma flood out the watch like [?]
Said she a V, she don't have sex (Oh)
'Til I bought that lil ho—
She had a stack of papers, oh
But all she wrote was "murder," oh
Pop Adderalls and they devise my soul, ayy
More dirt, enemies more
I'm just speakin' to the hood, hope they hearin' me
I'm just speakin' to the hood, nah, seriously
Oh-oh-oh, oh-woah-oh
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