"600 Days No Sleep"

[Intro: Future]
808 my crew
Whole kilo
Few, few
You know, so few

[Chorus: Future]
Uh, 600 days no sleep, n***a
Yeah, I was born with Coyote teeth, n***a
Uh, knew my day would come, I was past done
Upper echelon, call it a icon, what's done is done

[Verse 1: Future]
I went crumb for crumb, I made it thunderstorm
I come from the slums, moving like one of none
I feed that b*t*h some rat poison she try to cross Slime
Point about it where I'm from, we take every dime
Porsche got horses, like the Django, uh
We taking Codeine then the pain go, uh
If I wasn't rapping, n***as already know, uh
I wouldn't be doin' nothin' but slanging dope, uh

[Pre-Chorus: Young Thug]
Put water on my fingers, and make 'em kiss it
You on fire, gonna need an extinguisher, and put it out, yeah
We at the double like John Cena, but we ain't fighting
Buy all the singles, and let 'em fly (Fft, fft, ftt)
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