"Lined Up"

[Intro: Future]
f**kin' up all the [?], the hell is you doin'?

[Verse 1: Future & (Young Thug)]
I made up my mind as a kid, I'm going big (Yeah, big)
Step in the bando for weeks, tryna stack me a M (Stack, uh)
I was trappin' out in Vegas, I turned pimp (Woo)
All finessesers (Yeah), all together (All together)
Desert Eagle toter (Yeah), bird flipper (Brrrrr)
Sittin' in the dog food trap with all hitters (And what?)
Raw mud got me Einstein (Einstein)
She on the sideline [?] (Yeah)
I got a check (Check), I gotta flex (Flex), what we do
Lamborghini ('Ghini), Rolls Royce (Skrrt), Bentley coupe (Skrrt)
Don Dada (Woah), no Big Poppa, show me one more chance
Flossy wrist (Floss), flossy b*t*h, you'll get no advance (Hey)
Gotta hundred bands on my wrist, flooded (Blatt, blatt)
I got Xans and my cup is very muddy (Ah)
Got some b*t*hes lined up just to touch me (Yeah)
I got the hitters signing up just to bust you (Blatt)
Got her everything she want, I feel careless (Yeah)
Presidential wrist, it'll never kiss you (Mwah)
Pocahontas b*t*hes, never missed you
I'm a self made millionaire, I deserve a few (Let's go)
I got baddies lined up (What we doin'?), woah
Get your daddy lined up (Doo-doo-doo-doo), woah
Two hundred foreigns lined up (Rich n***a sh*t), woah
Ain't ever played with my nose, woah
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