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Lyrics from Snippet

Yeah (Yeah, yeah)

Load in the back with the trunk in the front
Smokin' on gas, three-fivin' the blunt
Poppin' new tags, its one over one
I got them chopsticks, ain't goin' to lunch
Came off the creek, had to jump off a ton
Made off the streets, I came up from a crumb
Two thousand just for the...
...Trap in the field, made a mill' on my own (Trap in the field)
Peel off the seal on that Hi-Tec, I'm fun (Yeah)
Cash out on diamonds, Italian, Milan (Cash out)
One hundred bad b*tches havin' fun...
...like I'm on set
f*ck your b*tch, n*ggas gon' get you his kiss
Pressed on his neck and my foot on his chin
We made a bond to never forget
Counsel that ho, she tryna f*ck up my check
Get in this Lambo, this not a Corvette

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