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[Intro: Future]
I took a rich down to Presi' is water (Presi’ is water)
Watchin' my watch then you watchin' a quarter (Quarter)
Get rich and never go broke, that’s one hundred (One hundred)
Get rich and never go broke, that's one hundred

[Chorus: Gunna]
Bought a street sweeper to clean up the street (Yeah)
Coupe like a creature, new shoes on the feet (Yeah)
Boy, watch your tone when you talkin' to me (Talkin' to me)
Lotta Daytona, that Miami heat (Skrrt)
Made me a M, 'fore the end of the week (Yeah)
Close to two million you heard out the fleet (Yeah)
How many killin', I rap on the beat (Yeah)
My car Tempur-Pedic, massagin' the seats (Woah)
All of the hatin', it made me a beast (Made me a beast)
We bought the latest, no top on the V (Yeah)
New two-tone Maybach, it cost a cool quarter (Cost a cool quarter)
Get rich and don’t go broke and that is an order (Yeah)
Might need me a speedboat, I got all this water (Speed)
Might take me a freak ho, I go ’cross the border (Yeah)
She came with that deepthroat and went on and swallowed (Oh)
My n***as is lethal and we all immortal (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Might go bag the Polo, all white like these horses
I spent fifty thousand on all-white Air Forces (Yeah)
I made like five million, that's just on endorsements (Damn)
No way, no way I’ma stop this recordin' (No way)
I'm highly sedated and floatin' like Jordan (Ah ha)
These checks steady clearin’, there ain't no way to void it
My jeans are by fit but this drip right from Fortune (Yeah)
And no n***a, I fear, I ain't go for extortion (Yeah)
Hop on the Leer to Clearport, I bought it (Go)
Blood, sweat, and tears, I'm workin' my hardest (Bless)
Diamond-shaped pears, my necklace retarded (Ice)
Catch too many stares, you become my target (Yeah)
I'm stoned, I don't care, don't wanna be heartless (Don't care)
Be steppin' on stairs, it look like a faucet (Step)
At least a whole M inside of my closet (Yeah)
We ball wit' no gym, they must thought I lost it (Yeah)
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