"Heart in Pieces"

[Intro: Lil Uzi Vert & Future]
Yeah, it's just me and me, uh
I don't trust these n***as, no, it's just me and me, yeah
Uh, and these boys ain't seein' me (Ayy)
No, it still didn't work when you tried bein' me (Escomoe freezin')

[Chorus: Lil Uzi Vert]
I been right for so long
I don't need nothin', never doin' no wrong
Broke n***a can't get me out of my zone
Told that girl just to leave me alone
'Cause I do way better when I'm on my own
I don't know what she gon' do when I'm gone
She left my heart in pieces, now it's torn
I know that I'm never coming back home

[Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert]
She left my heart in pieces, now it's torn
I swear that my heart, it probably need bandages
No, I can't do nothin' with a lil' Ghost
I had to go and just get me a Phantom, b*t*h
She said I'm hot like a motherf**king candlestick
Don't need the lighter, b*t*h, I get the candle lit
When you get money, don't even know what family is
I am so famous, don't look where the camera is
Hate when they always take pictures of me
Paparazzi always following me
I'm givin' motivation to my n***as that's locked down watchin' TMZ
I can not tell none of these n***as what I got goin' on
'Cause they might tell on me
Just to get my old flow back, I had to take some DMT
And I know you got a man, but I treat you equally
And you know I got a girl, but you know that cheaters cheat
Said I'm a dawg, she said "Me too", girl, walk on your knees
She said that she like the way I dress, I do it Japanese
Boy, I take care of your main girl, ain't no askin' me
Only thing that I can say, that your girl's a nasty freak
Make her-make her ride it slow, yeah, bring it back for me
Every time she's on that pole, yeah, it's the ass for me, uh
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